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Our Philosophy "To be completely customer oriented" is an essential component in our business model. The customer is always at the centre of our focus from the moment we begin to obtain an enquiry, which is of fundamental importance to our understanding of the needs involved and to have accurate focus on the objectives to be achieved. We are firmly convinced that ‘’Early Supplier involvement’’ is the best way to develop products that have a high technological value and fully meet the needs and requirements of our customers.


Our customers' needs for ongoing technical and technological improvement demands that we always keep the future in mind.
Every innovation, be it in performance or application, is accompanied by Vibrant India Technologies’ ability to provide products in line with and fully compliant with the requirements of our customers.

Passive Components


Active Components


Power Supplies


Electrical Parts


Our Specialization

  • Electrical Parts / Components
  • Passive Components
  • Active Components
  • Fasteners, Springs, Gasket
  • Other Industrial Hardware’s and C class parts

Other Value added Services

  • Process / Product Audit / Validation Support
  • Third Party Inspection
  • Sourcing & Purchasing follow up – (Expediting Support / Delivery follow up)
  • Ware housing / Stocking support – High Runner / Critical and Bottleneck components
  • Technical support – Data sheet validation etc.
  • Marketing Survey

We deal with

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